.Tim Africa: A note to the artists
DO 09. DEZEMBER 2010

Sometimes, one must take oneself new freedoms. After ten years of bitter dispute in Tacheles, the expiration of rental contracts and the insolvency of the Tacheles e.V. it is about time for Kunsthaus Tacheles to move on. For soon there will be no more Tacheles e.V. and, therefore, no more head of the board Martin Reiter, no more press department and no more squatters taking rent from other squatters.

And that´s great, because art does not need any leaders. Therefore, the public beta of the new internet ArtSpace www.kunsthaus-tacheles.de is designed more open than any digital structure that has arisen from Tacheles in the past. Every artist can post his own content to his own pages. New content is cross-posted on the main page and on Facebook.

To bring works of Tacheles artists to the public, we are committed to an open licensing model (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/de/), which legalizes the non-commercial reproduction of art. A small group around Martin Reiter is insisting on private ownership of .jpg files and hyperlinks, even wants to legally remove historic texts – all of them distributed to the public as flyers and newsletters in the past. Wikileaks: http://www.kunsthaus-tacheles.de/institution/history/.

However, there is no future without dealing with the past – with Tacheles, it´s often as enlightening as the documentation by Klaus Tuschen from 1992: Contradictory energies have always been part of Tacheles: http://www.kunsthaus-tacheles.de/ 1992/11/25/aufgestanden-in-ruinen/ – and there have always been journalistic methods of representation. That’s my job as an editor of the new page: Documentation. I collect material. I conduct interviews, transcribe, let content be authorized, and keep my personal opinions out. Nothing more and nothing less.

So, I can only look at this with good humor: Of course, nobody can be forced to use new opportunities. Of course, I will keep on documenting publized historic opinions, because it is right, because it´s fascinating – and it´s perfectly legal as well.

At the same time, the opening of the house is slowly becoming reality – because now, not only, like Joseph Beuys said, everyone is an artist, but from now on every artist is a citizen of Tacheles: The new site is open for postings of artists worldwide supporting the philosophy of the house. An era of inner blockade is becoming history.

In recent months, the Gruppe Tacheles, as an aggregation of Tacheles users, has realized a vision and has developed a promising legal strategy to save the house. I have a clear opinion on this, documented on http://www.tacheles.info. Turning the Tacheles into a museum or a monument, the all too German “we will sue you”-mentality and the futile attempt to extort money from the government with radical leftist slogans in combination with right-wing inner politics is wrong. These strategies of the Tacheles e.V. lack coherence and have obviously failed.

The Tacheles is an association of free people. Freedom is a collective practice. That´s my philosophy, and that´s why the new page is open for all. Feel free to join in. I am looking forward to your work, your ideas, your pleasure! Please keep out fear, anger and frustration.

The anal empire is collapsing.


Tim Africa, Spokesman of Gruppe Tacheles

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